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"Real life can be more remarkable than invented tales"

What we do.

Written by famous bear-owner Lord Byron in his take on the invented tale, Don Juan.


The Heretical Historians exists to prove this truism is indeed a true 'ism'.










Tucked away in the darkest corners of reference books, hidden in throwaway sentences in 'serious' histories are some of the most extraordinary events and stories that have ever happened.


Yet all too often they are left to gather dust, their absurdity never allowed to be dignified. We take the loose ends of these little threads and with exhaustive research and/or a hasty check of Wikipedia, we give them the theatrical treatment they deserve.

After working together on 'in-house' projects for several years during our training on the World Performance programme at East 15, our band of plucky upstarts are preparing to take our work to it's rightful place in the out-house.


Together we form a diverse company of theatre-makers and performers, with an extensive training in international theatre styles. As such we are well prepared to show you the most interesting stories that the world has to offer.

We are blowing away dust, applying spit & polish and letting forgotten history shine. We hope you enjoy the gems we've found.

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