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Our Past, Present & Future...

Pre Historic...

Sünde Bar (2014)

Presented at The Clifftown Theatre as part of 'World's Apart'

Still historically themed! A love letter and a warning from the roaring 20's. Honest Abe's club is paid a visit by travelling musicians Layla and The Mischief Makers. They tempt Abe and his family into a series of ridiculous self imposed ends. A riotous, grey-scale evening packed with songs, satire and silliness.

The Box and the Loaded Gun (2013)

Presented at East 15 Acting School as part of the World Performance ‘Devising Festival’.


The Heretical Historians before they had a name! Two disgraced and mismatched security guards: Lee & Leon, are on punishment duty guarding the mysterious ‘box’ with nothing more than a gun loaded with a single bullet. As the two run down the clock ‘til morning they resort to drastic measures to stave off boredom, a game of Russian Roulette.

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