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Dear Mr Kaiser.

Performed at the Divadlo Inspirace as part of the Prague Fringe. Previews at City University.

​In 1916 Captain Robert Campbell, a captured British officer, learnt that his mother was dying of cancer. Desperate to escape, he took the unlikely step of writing to his enemy-in-chief: Kaiser Wilhelm II.


Against all odds he received a reply and the offer of two weeks compassionate leave, on the sole condition that he promised to return. Campbell faced a harrowing dilemma: To keep his honour as a gentleman or to do his duty as a son?

Dear Mister Kaiser Trenches
Dear Mister Kaiser - Kaiser
Dear Mister Kaiser - Campbell + Captain_edited_edited
Dear Mister Kaiser - Train Scene
Dear Mister Kaiser (Willy)
Dear Mister Kaiser - Magdeburg Meeting
Dear Mister Kaiser - Big Willy + Little Willy
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