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The Trial of Le Singe

Brightest Revues in Town - Promo
Cleverly Written - Promo
London Theatre 1 - Promo
I didnt have the foggiest - Promo
Final Bow
Bar Confrontation
'Arry + Treasures
A frog
Atless Arry
Bar Confrontation
Lloyd Acting Hard
Beach Scene

A ridiculous true story.

In 1815 a shipwrecked monkey had the gross misfortune of washing ashore in  Grim North-East England. Adding to his woes, the locals mistook him for a French spy and placed him on trial for treason. 

A hectic, hysterical, historical epic packed with dramatic set pieces, low budget chaos alternating between sharpest wit and gutter humour. A wry look at nationalism and scape-goating in a punky farce about being in the wrong place at the wrong time... And being a monkey.

Thank you to all of those who made this production possible, in particular we'd love to thank the following for their contribution and support during the process.

David WT

Ryan Callander

Dick & Tracy Holland

Matilda Curtis

Max Kreisky

Andrew Cubbage

Thomas Brown

Liam Rushforth

Sam Toye

Dave Newton

Jenny Lewis

And 4 anonymous supporters who have not yet come forward!

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