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Who the Duce are you? We hear you cry.

Please, don't cry. We'll tell you everything...

Each member is an established performer and creative being in their own right. But only by combining their 'talents' and 'skills' do they create work that is roughly equal to the sum of it's parts. In addition to performing each member has a responsibility within the company, decided by a series of machiavellian plots and tricks.

Matthew Jameson
Founder - Artistic Director - Supremo


Matthew has worked as a jack-of-all-theatre for over 6 years. He has a long standing attachment with Hour Lot Theatre (formerly Windermere Productions) as Writer-In-Residence and Associate Artist. 


As a writer he has had several plays produced for fringe, regional tours and internationally. As a director he has created and collaborated on a wide variety of styles and pieces from Indian epics through to intimate absurd comedies. 


As a performer he has received critical and audience acclaim for his work as a character actor, in addition to nominations for performance awards. In his spare time he is scared of moths and will attend parties for free food.

Lloyd McDonagh
Publicity & Design - Head of Pretty Things


Our partner in crime and company 'do-er'.

Having grown up in Hong Kong (that's not in Japan) Lloyd has never been a sheltered from amazing, fairly accurate, stories from around the world. From 'The Emperor's New Clothes' to 'The Chinese Zodic', and from 'Rush hour' to 'Kung Fu Panda'. 

Since graduating in 2014 from East 15 Acting School, Lloyd has been involved in numerous professional projects, from stage to screen and most things in-between.

As well as making us all look good, Lloyd has performed with the Historians, having appeared in the previous shows; The Greatest Stories Never Told, Dear Mr Kaiser and The Trial of le Singe.

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